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These large fish really do stand out from the crowd and provide a real personality to a fish lover’s collection.

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As their name might suggest, Flowerhorn fish are bright, colourful additions to any aquarium. This stunning species of fish comes in a delightful variety of different colours, and the prominent hump on their heads make them a unique and striking inclusion to a wide variety of tanks.

These large fish really do stand out from the crowd and provide a real personality to a fish lover’s collection. They are best kept in isolation, which is a lucky coincidence as a stand-alone Flowerhorn is a commanding sight that nobody can resist.

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What is a Flowerhorn?
Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish. They take their name from a combination of their vibrant colours and distinctively shaped heads.

Flowerhorns are man-made hybrids and were originally bred in captivity. Their only existence in the wild is because of their release.

Originally developed in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, Flowerhorns encompass the exotic beauty of these countries and provide eye-catching focal points to aquariums all over the world.

There are several different types of Flowerhorn fish available to buy, meaning you will be spoilt for choice among a rainbow of dazzling colours and patterns.

How do you care for Flowerhorns?
As beautiful as they may be, Flowerhorns are equally sensitive and require a lot of extra care. It is important that owners maintain a routine when keeping Flowerhorn fish; from changing the water to feeding times, these steps are vital to ensure healthy Flowerhorns that grow to their full potential.

If one Flowerhorn fish gets ill, you should separate it from the other fish to protect the healthy one from getting sick too. The healthy fish should be moved to a clean tank so you can clean the contaminated fish tank and change the water.

These fish are quite strong and can tolerate a moderate to high flow. The substrate should be bare, sand or large pieces of tile; gravel is not a good choice as larger fish often swallow it with their food, which can create serious health issues.

What kind of fish can live with Flowerhorns?
It should be noted that Flowerhorns are extremely aggressive towards other fish they share an aquarium with. Flowerhorns are very territorial and are particularly aggressive towards any fish they deem to be invading their territory.

For this reason, it is usually best to house Flowerhorns on their own, although some possible tank mates include tiger oscars, common pleco, large bichirs or flowerhorns of the opposite sex.

If you do choose to add another fish to the aquarium, you should keep a close eye on them for the first few weeks to ensure they are able to live harmoniously together with your Flowerhorn.

What tank size does a Flowerhorn need?
If you intend to house a male and female pair of Flowerhorns together, they will require a tank size of between 150-175 gallons. If you are only looking to accommodate one Flowerhorn, you will not need something quite so large, although you should still invest in a tank that is at least 125 gallons.

Many people recommend growing them out in smaller tanks, before moving them into larger ones. That being said, smaller tanks do generally have enough room for Flowerhorns to live in quite comfortably while still being able to dilute their waste. All fish are grateful for plenty of space.

Do Flowerhorns need a water change every day?
Different types of Flowerhorns require different types of water. Most Flowerhorns prefer to swim in soft to moderate hard water.

The water in the tank should be changed once a month. You should make a 25-30% change in the water each week to make your Flowerhorn grow in a happy and healthy environment. This helps to constantly refresh their water and remove any toxicities and waste they produce.

What is the optimum water temperature for Flowerhorns?
Flowerhorns require a temperature of at least 80 degrees F to survive. For this reason, it is essential that your aquarium is equipped with a good quality heater, as this temperature is not achievable without one. You should invest in a heater that is long-lasting and can easily provide this temperature consistently.
What do you need to feed Flowerhorns?
Flowerhorns are not fussy eaters, but to ensure their health they do require a diet that includes plenty of protein and variety.

You do not need to feed them live foods, they are quite happy to eat dried and frozen foods instead.

You should feed your Flowerhorn a staple pellet to give them micronutrients and vitamins. The likes of sun dried crickets, mealworms, anchovies, worms, grasshoppers and frozen shrimp would also be welcome additions to their diet.

Do not overfeed your flowerhorn fish; this can lead to excess ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

It is recommended that you feed them smaller meals three times a day. A good rule of thumb for how much to feed a flowerhorn is that you should only feed them as much as they can eat in a maximum of 40 seconds.

How long do Flowerhorns live?
The average life expectancy of a short bodied Flowerhorn fish in captivity is between 4 and 5 years. However, longer bodied Flowerhorns have an average life expectancy of at least 8 years, sometimes living for as long as 12 years.
How many Flowerhorns should live together?
Thanks to their aggressive nature, Flowerhorns are not ideal for mixing with other species of fish.

Unless it is with another Flowerhorn of the opposite sex, it is not particularly advised that you even try to mix Flowerhorns with other members of their own species.

People who do keep two Flowerhorns of the opposite sex together generally do so for spawning purposes.

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