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How many fish can I keep in my aquarium?
This depends on several factors, try this calculator to help you.
What happens if my order arrives and there is death on arrival ( DOA )?
You must contact us by email with photographic evidence. We will offer a full replacement order, or full refund of the fish price. Delivery charges are non-refundable
How long will delivery take?
All deliveries are next day, you will receive tracking details after you place your order, allowing you to see exactly where your order is!
Can you deliver outside United Kingdom?
Not yet, but watch this space!
Is there a minimum quantity of fish I need to buy?
There are no minimum or maximum order values.
What days can you deliver?
The only days we do not deliver are Sunday & Monday, our fish need the weekend off too!
I can only accept a delivery over a weekend
We get it, just us an email and we’ll provide a quote.
Can I collect from your shop?
Unfortunately not, we are an online business, this help us keep our prices low for you.
Can I see actual fish I before I buy?
Yes! We can send you photos, or if you prefer we can offer a video chat, just drop us an email.
Will these fish be ok in TAP water?
All tap water must be treated with a Tap safe Dechlorinator or via a HMA unit.
Do you sell the food?
Not yet but all our stock is fed on Discus Prima, Cichlid & Stingray pellets, Flake, Frozen foods, Mysis, Brine shrimp, Prawns, Mussels and Bloodworm.
Can you get other types of fish that are not on your site?
Yes, please email us and we can quote, unless you need a mermaid, they are always out stock.
Can I choose Male or Female?
Unfortunately we do not offer a guarantee the sex on Discus. We can only guarantee on Stingrays and Flowerhorns.
Will you buy my fish back?
Unfortunately we only buy stock from our overseas partners,
What Ph is your water?
Ph is around 6.6.- 7
How many times do you feed?
Our fish are fed 2 times a day and as much as they can eat in 3-5 mins, Any uneaten food is removed.
Fish 2 U FAQ's

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